Bed and Breakfast in Lot et Garonne

XIVth century : the origins

Loustalneou was initially a castle built in the XIVth century. Ath this time, the gascon country belonged successively to the king of England, the King of France and the Duke of Toulouse. Local knights needed to build defensive castle which, by all account, some would be linked by underground path. There is, for instance, 3 castles or ruins of castle at 1 km radius from our site: the castle of Lagarde, the castle of Cap and the one of Joatas.
Loustalneou's castle hadn't a glorius destiny, as after dealing with centurys of conflicts, this is actually a small candle that cause the castle burning in 1907. As a consolation prize, it remains the chapel, the laundry room, stables, 2 towers and the wall.

XXth century: the site and Jeanjean's Family

At the begining of the XXth century, Germain and Alberte JEANJEAN bought the site with the wich to renew it.. Nevertheless it seems that the project was too ambitious and they eventually remove the rubble and built a mastre house in the 30's. The house structure is very traditionnal for this time: a square house with a ground level and a first floor and two shear-walls. Walls have been built with the castle stones, but, and this point despair us, the wall angles aure in concrete. Inside, for each to the 2 floors, a large corridor serve 4 rooms with a definer functionnality. Concerning the outdoor part, the chapel is rehabilited in a forge.
Unfortunately, M Jeanjean died due to consequences of the first world war, and it was his son Charles, at 18th years old only, who took the responsability of the family, the farm and he achieve the house. The site and the activity progressively step down to he son, Guy, who maintain and devellop it until the end of the last century. The house was deserted since the 90's after Charles and Marcelle death.
XXIth : The renewal At the end of the XXth centurya dn the beginning of the XXIth century, the site has been marked by the time damages:
- one of the 2 towers, deprived of the roof, has imploded during a huge storm in 1999
- the chapel and the wall angle have collpased in 2012 during a a rainy spring
We ( Laetitia COUMAU - daughter of Guy JEANJEAN, and Romain COUMAU) became owners of the house in 2012, and since then begin a full lifting of the house and the site in order to open the guest houses: renewal of the roof, insulation, windows, plumbing, heating system, chimney, teraces, rooms layout etc... We spent 4 years to set up the house up to XXth century standards. The guest house started in 2017 with 3 rooms.